4 Summer Foods to Be Careful While Eating with Your Dental Implants

June 6, 2023

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a summer barbecue spread of food

For some people, the best part of summer is spending time with family and friends at cookouts. There’s nothing as warm and satisfying as hanging out with all of your loved ones while barbecuing and snacking on the most delicious homemade foods and drinks. From corn on the cob to freshly smoked ribs and chicken, every part of these summer events is fulfilling, from socializing to eating. However, if you have dental implants, you’ll want to tread carefully before enjoying all of these treats because they could impact their health. Read on to learn four popular summer treats that could put your implants at risk and how you can be more conscientious about your replacement teeth while eating them.  

1. Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is notorious for getting stuck in your teeth, and when you have dental implants, there are even more places it can get stuck, like between the implant post and the replacement teeth. Instead of biting into it, try cutting it off the cob to minimize the chances that it will get stuck between your teeth or that you’ll accidentally bite into the cob, which could cause your prosthetic to become loose.

2. Sticky Desserts

While desserts like caramel apples and taffy may be tempting, these can be too sticky and hard for your dental implants to chew, causing the food to become stuck around your prosthetics and increasing your chances of loosening or damaging your implant restoration. Instead, stick to the softer foods that you can easily rinse away with a glass of water, like cake or cookies!

3. Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a summer cookout staple in the South, from Arkansas to Texas, and while you don’t have to completely cut it out of your diet, it is good to understand how it can impact your smile. Because it’s brewed from black tea, it can stain your implant denture, bridge or crown, and due to all of the sugar in it, it can also increase your risk of developing cavities, especially if you sip on it throughout the day. If you’re going to enjoy sweet tea, it’s important to also stay hydrated with water. To keep it from staining your teeth, you can use a straw—this will keep the tea from coming into direct contact with your prosthetic.

4. Meat on the Bone

From ribs to chicken, while meat on the bone isn’t bad for your oral health, the bone in the center could damage or break a prosthetic if you aren’t careful. By cutting it off the bone before eating it, you can decrease your chances of needing to replace or repair your pearly whites.

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